Happy Cancer: McMusic For The McMasses

Released 1982 | HC Productions | HC001

Side One:
1. More Fact Than Figure (4.33)
2. A Way Of Life (4.45)
3. Tangerine Rabbit Jam (4.10)
4. Night Scenes (5.40)

Side Two:
1. No Margin For Error (5.49)
2. JLD (5.56)
3. Pinholes (4.34)
4. A Small Ball Of Simon (11.12)

The music on side one can be found on both Kafka's Breakfast and The Ritual Continues.
The music on side two has never been reissued by the band.
This album was also released under the band names Kafka's Breakfast and Public Research.

Recorded and Engieered by Rick Ducuzza in January 1982
Mixed by Rick Cucuzza and Happy Cancer in March 1982