Herd Of Instinct

Herd Of Instinct: Conjure (Cover) Herd Of Instinct: Conjure  (Back Cover)

Excerpt One: Praxis
Excerpt Two: Brutality of Fact
Excerpt Three: Alice Krige pt.1
Excerpt Four: Solitude One
Excerpt Five: The Secret Of Fire

Herd Of Instinct: Conjure

Herd of Instinct's Second Album Pushes Instrumental Boundaries

Topanga, CA - Pushing the limits of their creativity, instrumental group Herd Of Instinct draws from a vast array of influences-multi-cultural music, literary clues, horror and cinematic film scores, obscure elements of rock, avant-garde, electronic, prog, and psychedelic music-to create a style that is uniquely their own.

Released by Djam Karet's label Firepool Records, Conjure builds on the success of their first album. With guest musicians including Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Joel Adair (Legacy Brass Quintet) and looping samples by Steve Tibbetts, combined with their impeccable production, deep compositions, and impressive performances, Conjure is a real treat for fans of King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Mick Karn.

Conjure is a finely-crafted, landmark release. In order to create a more dynamic and lively sound, no compression or limiting was used on this recording. This sophomore effort features polyrhythmic Warr guitar and powerful drumming, classic keyboards by Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet). and beautiful guitar solos and textures. Songs such as Praxis brim with intense, fiery energy. The beautiful and calming Alice Krige pt.1 has dreamy flute and jazzy trumpet melodies, whereas Solitude One, with its Indian dilruba lines, has a more dance vibe. The album closes with the psychedelic lullaby, The Secret Of Fire, which completes this diverse yet coherent journey.

On Conjure the focus is very much on composition, arrangements and orchestration. Their music is not just a set-up for showy solos. Instead, they create music that is full of great ensemble playing and group dynamics. Herd Of Instinct has a clear vision of what they are trying to do. And, fortunately for us, on Conjure their goals are fully realized.

GUITAR PLAYER Magazine described the first Herd of Instinct album as "A heady melange of avant-prog spiced with dashes of ambient, symphonic, metallic, and world musics, and topped with a dollop of pop."

HERD OF INSTINCT release date: January 22, 2013
Published by Firepool Records.
Featuring 12 tracks. Total time: 53:13

Praxis 5:14
Dead Leaf Echo 3:18
Brutality of Fact 3:17
Alice Krige pt.1 5:54
Solitude One 4:25
Ravenwood 3:27
Mother Night 4:23
Vargtimmen 4:59
Malise 3:15
New Lands 4:12
A Sense of an Ending 5:30
The Secret of Fire 5:16

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ALL ABOUT JAZZ (USA): "This electrifying unit translucently morphs the days of prog-rock yore with an ultramodern scope. No doubt, the artists tread lots of fertile ground and abide by a polyrhythmic manifesto, shadowed by wide-ranging guitar articulations and keys driven textures. The musicians also render wraith-like atmospherics and bone-crunching riffs, disseminated with brief micro-melodies and a soundscape of opposing cadences and shifting paradigms."

DEAD EARNEST (UK): "The influences...well...look no further than the opening track "Praxis" and you'll find 40 years of UK Prog and French exploration (in particular Crimso and Heldon) assembled into a melting pot that makes you gasp at its breadth and stature, quality and cohesion."

PROGRESSIVE ROCK CENTRAL (USA): "Although it's still early in the year, Herd of instinct's new album titled Conjure is certainly destined to be one of the best progressive rock releases of the year."

ROCKTOLOGIST (ITALY): "I have to say that at times I was reminded by King Crimson, not so much for the sound but for the relentless passion of discovering new musical territory, the combination of atmospheric moments and heavy hard rock assaults, and for the off-kilter soloing they often employ. 9 out of 10."