Herd Of Instinct : Drone Priest

Released November 2017 | Firepool Records | FP007

1. Fragments Of A Portrait (2:46)
2. Cosmos (4:17)
3. Drone Priest (5:29)
4. Slow Current (3:56)
5. Orphan (4:25)
6. Filament (4:23)
7. Count To 5 (4:32)
8. Zero Point Flow (4:45)
9. Soft Glow (6:20)
10. Almost Transparent Blue (4:42)
11. The Blood Jet Is Poetry (6:23)

Written and Produced by Mark Cook
Recorded in Arlington, TX, Topanga, CA, and New York, NY
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Cook and Gayle Ellett
Art, Photography and Design by Angel Stephens

For over a decade, Herd of Instinct-that Little Ole Obscure Prog Band from Texas-has quietly created a body of work that reflects the wild diversity that is Prog Rock. Their newly released fourth album, Drone Priest, on Djam Karet's Firepool Records, takes the listener on a journey exploring mood, texture, and experimental song structures. The most dynamic and varied album the band has produced to-date, Drone Priest seamlessly layers elements of prog, post rock, ambient drones, jazz, and complex percussion, while showcasing the Warr guitar and analog synths to create a unique blend of genres. Composed by Mark Cook (Spoke of Shadows, Hands, Liquid Sound Company), Drone Priest features guests Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson), Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Marco Machera (EchoTest), and Bill Bachman (Spoke of Shadows, Michael Harris, Neil Morse).