Herd Of Instinct: Manifestation

Released 2016 | Firepool Records | FR006

1. Manifestation, Pt. 2 (5:54)
2. Gridlock (3:37)
3. Baba Yaga (4:35)
4. Manifestation, Pt. 1 (5:16)
5. Saddha (7:00)
6. Nocturne (1:48)
7. Dybbuk (6:08)
8. Time and Again (3:26)
9. Shatterpoint (6:34)
10. Waterfalls and Black Rainbows (3:46)

Produced by Herd Of Instinct
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Cook and Gayle Ellett

Released by Djam Karet's label Firepool Records, Manifestation is Herd of Instinct's newest album. With this offering the group has expanded its sound from the original three-member unit into a larger ensemble. The music's densely layered sound creates a visual and textural experience that ranges from the bombastic Dybbuk to the somber flute/violin piece Nocturne. Many of the songs are based around Mark Cook's Warr guitar and Rick Read's Chapman Stick playing, combined with Ross Young's detailed drumming, that together create the clock-like precision of a multi-leveled polyrhythmic machine. Keyboardists Gayle Ellett (from Djam Karet) and Mike McGary play a crucial role in adding mood and texture to the music. Ellett also adds rhythm guitar to a few tracks and a poetic guitar solo on Shatterpoint. Bob Fisher on flute and saxophone, and Stephen Page on violin, are featured soloists who add diversity to the sonic palette of the band. Additional drumming by Bill Bachman adds another element of intensity to the mix. Manifestation, their 3rd album, is their most melodic and powerful record to date. Come hear for yourself the music of Herd of Instinct.