Spoke Of Shadows II

Released November 2017 | Firepool Records | FP008

1. Under The Veil (4:27)
2. Cities Of The Interior (4:33)
3. The Creature's Gaze (5:04)
4. Face In The Window (3:47)
5. Pendulum Swings (4:35)
6. Letting Go (8:06)
7. Strata (3:30)
8. Born Into This (2:56)
9. Metamorphosis (9:19)
10. Satiate (3:36)
11. Under The Skin (6:10)

Written and Produced by Spoke of Shadows
Recorded at the Crypt, Arlington, TX and Bachman Overdrive Studio, Allen, TX
Mixed and Mastered by Spoke Of Shadows and Gayle Ellett
Artwork by Katharina Jung
CD Art by Garth Hill

Spoke of Shadows is progressive rock for the 21st Century. Inspired, melodic and meticulously constructed, the duo visits mysterious mindscapes while displaying musicianship of the highest caliber. Now, Texas's own prog rock darling, Spoke of Shadows has finally returned with a sequel, Spoke of Shadows II, released by Djam Karet's Firepool Records. Spoke of Shadows is Mark Cook (Herd of Instinct, Hands, Liquid Sound Company) on Warr guitar, fretless bass, guitar, and keyboards, and Bill Bachman on drums & percussion (Neal Morse, Michael Harris and world renowned drum author/educator).