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Djam Karet "Swamp Of Dreams"

Swamp Of Dreams

The music on Djam Karet's new CD "Swamp of Dreams" is a collection of older tunes that were originally only available as individuals tracks on different compilation CDs and fund-raiser albums, released between 1990 and 2006. These compilations and fund-raiser albums include: Holland's IO Pages Magazine's "A Decade Of Prog" CD, and a Hurricane Katrina/Habitat For Humanity fund-raiser called "After The Storm", among others. And now with "Swamp of Dreams" we are making this long-lost music available again, this time to a wider audience. All of the music has been re-mastered with an increased dynamic range, and greater clarity and punch, while still retaining all that is good about the music of Djam Karet. Take a listen below.

Available Now in the DK Store for $10.00
Special Limited Edition of only 500 CDs.