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Thanks to all of you who have purchased our Swamp Of Dreams CD - your support is greatly appreciated. Some of you are hearing the journey in the music and that is rewarding for us as this project was assembled to be its own trip per se and not just some tracks thrown together.

Below are other videos from Swamp Of Dreams. Stay safe in these crazy times and Happy Holidays. More to come in early 2016.


Djam Karet "Swamp Of Dreams"

Swamp Of Dreams

The music on Djam Karet's new CD "Swamp of Dreams" is a collection of older tunes that were originally only available as individuals tracks on different compilation CDs and fund-raiser albums, released between 1990 and 2006. These compilations and fund-raiser albums include: Holland's IO Pages Magazine's "A Decade Of Prog" CD, and a Hurricane Katrina/Habitat For Humanity fund-raiser called "After The Storm", among others. And now with "Swamp of Dreams" we are making this long-lost music available again, this time to a wider audience. All of the music has been re-mastered with an increased dynamic range, and greater clarity and punch, while still retaining all that is good about the music of Djam Karet.

Available Now in the DK Store for $10.00
Special Limited Edition of only 500 CDs.