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March 4, 2015

What are they saying about Djam Karet in Canada (IansListeningRoom)?

"This has to be one of the the most important musical discoveries of my life. At the young age of 51 I thought that I had heard it all. I actually felt like an idiot. How could this creature have eluded me? Since my musical re-birth I have been exploring everything Djam Karet I can get my paws on. I feel like that geeky 15 year-old who used to haunt the Montreal second hand record shops for that elusive sonic anomaly back in the 1970s."

Also, the Limited Edition LPs for sidegroup Fernwood's new album Arcadia, have finally arrived! These are 180 gram audiophile-quality vinyl LPs, made to the highest standards possible. And all LPs includes a free digital download. Only 300 LPs have been made, so get yours while you can!

January 23, 2015

The new Fernwood album goes on Pre-Sale Monday!! And the official release date is February 2nd! Did we mention that Arcadia is the "Album Of The Month" for February on Echoes Radio, a nationally syndicated radio show? Its 42 minutes of acoustic goodness.

For sale on this website, CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc...

December 19, 2014

Regenerator 3017 is the "#6 Album Of The Year" as chosen by the LISTENERS of Tom Gagliardi's radio show in the Tri-State Philadelphia area. We are grateful and thankful to all of you have purchased and supported this release. It is almost now sold out on compact disc!

As far as Side Projects by Djam Karet members and 2015, the new Fernwood album will be coming out in Early 2015. Titled "Arcadia", it will be released on both Compact Disc, and also on Vinyl Record as a special Limited Edition LP, pressed on 180 gram Audiophile-quality vinyl. Only 300 LPs will be made. This is the third album by Gayle Ellett and Todd Montgomery, and it is a continuation of their award-winning acoustic sound ("#4 Album Of The Year" on ECHOES Radio). Guitar Player Magazine described their approach to music as "Wonderfully melodic and emotionally direct. Acoustic stringed instruments constructed of wood predominate. Masterfully interwoven with Americana to form a luscious yet rootsy imaginary idiom that is at once familiar and exotic."

More on Fernwood and new Djam Karet material in early 2015.